Life in Photography

Art photography is more than just snapping a photo, blowing it up and putting in on your wall as art. Although you can create some fantastic photos that you can display as art, learning a few tricks to enhance the pictures can make all the difference.

Take a simple picture of a tomato, for example. You can find many designer rooms complete with pictures of food items that look great. But if you look closely, you can notice that it is not just a simple picture of a red tomato that is hanging on the wall integrated into the decorating scheme. There is a certain element of artistic merit in the photograph.

The photo in the stylized room that you love looking at is not just a photograph of a simple tomato that someone shot at random. A lot of thought and artistic value went into that picture. Do you see the droplets of moisture on the bright red skin of the tomato? Those droplets make the tomato seem juicy. You can almost taste the cool, flavorful tomato just by looking at the picture.

And the tomato in the picture is not just dead-centre either. It is probably a picture of part of a tomato-maybe just the top part or a quarter of it. The tomato has become the subject of the picture that has a certain shape, leaving some of the picture up to your imagination. The space around the tomato also makes up empty space which makes you focus on the subject (the tomato).

Pay attention to the colors in the photograph as well. Isn’t that tomato a bright, bright red? Is it set against a contrasting background to make it show up its redness and juiciness even more? Is the background plain, or does it have a pattern that contrasts against the tomato’s one-tone red color? All of these artistic elements can be used to enhance the photo.

Another approach to your tomato picture might be to take a group photo of several tomatoes together. Again, you can place them against a contrasting background to show them off, or against a white background to help you focus more on the tomatoes themselves.

You could also place the tomato or tomatoes in an attractive dish that might add to the artistic effect of the photograph. The dish would become another element of your photo design.

Although the above is talking about a simple picture of a tomato that can be used as photographic art, the same ideas can be applied to any still life photograph you may choose to use as art. Use the object to take advantage of its best feature (in the above case, the juiciness of the tomato and its bright red color) and use color enhancement techniques for contrasting elements. Position the objects to use the positive and negative space as part of the artwork.

Experiment and play with the objects until you give your photograph the ‘right’ touch. Photographs can be simply photographs, but you can make those photographs into art that you will be proud to display.


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